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Little Comedies of a Big House

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Why should you go to the play “Little Comedies of a Big House”?

1. Move to a very recent time, which has become in this irrevocable past.
2. There will be a lot of songs, music, dancing.
3. Think of the main thing that even years cannot change.

The new Ukrainian theater dedicated this performance to the youth of our parents. You are transported into the past, where friendship was stronger, the trees - above, and the humor - kinder.

The production of “Little Comedies of a Big House” consists of two parts - “Inspection Order” and “Serenade”. The performance is based on the works of talented playwrights, remarkable satirical writers Gregory Gorin and Arkady Arkanov, which were written in the 1970s.

Of course, since then much water has flowed. The country has changed, the values are "overvalued." But people do not change. At all times, they still grieve, rejoice, love, sad and laugh at themselves. And this is the most important thing in any era.

The play will have a lot of nostalgic notes, dances and songs. Therefore, do not be shy - sing along with the actors in the final!

Staging duration - 130 minutes (with intermission).
The performance is in Russian.