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Painting with epoxy resin

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A master class on painting with epoxy resin will be held in Kyiv from March 9 to April 1, 2023 at the "TVORCHI" Art Studio.

Why should you go to a master class on painting with epoxy resin in Kyiv?

  1. Get an interesting experience using modern drawing techniques.
  2. Let your imagination go on an exciting flight through creative spaces.
  3. It's great to relax in a cozy atmosphere.

Master class on drawing with epoxy resin in Kyiv

Highly qualified teachers will teach you how to make art using resin. Anyone can try: drawing skills are not a prerequisite. Organizers provide all necessary materials: dyes, epoxy resin, glass crumb, wooden base, hair dryer. The duration of the class is from 1.5 to 3 hours. Be sure to register after purchasing a ticket by calling 0937724617.

Mastering the "live" drawing technique at the "TVORCHI" Art Studio

The use of epoxy resin in painting allows you to create absolutely any pictures, patterns in a wide range of colors. No framework - only a wide flight of fantasy! Abstracts or realistic images: what to create is your choice. During the master class, you can make an interior painting, a serving board or table (must be purchased separately), a clock, a tray. You can pick up your own masterpiece in a couple of days: the paints must dry. The work is carried out in a respirator (to be issued). All guests are treated to wine, tea, coffee and delicacies. Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for a master class on drawing with epoxy resin in Kyiv?

You can order tickets online at Concert.ua. Make a nice and original gift to your family or friends, invite them to an interesting master class!