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Why should you go to Mamahohotala Show?

1. Humorous project № 1 for youth audience in Ukraine.
2. The show is already the 9th season successfully goes to UFO TV.
3. The numbers of the show are gaining millions of views on YouTube and digging into quotes.

Three hours of very funny and daring jokes from giants of youth humor.

In 2012, a team that loved humor in all its manifestations gathered. Jokes were accumulated, the team increased, it was necessary to go further. And the idea of transforming the general enthusiasm into something more was born.

This is how the Mamahohotala studio appeared, which instantly conquered the Ukrainian audience. Today they represent their humorous show on the TV channel UFO TV and won the reputation of recognized young idols.

Years in television screens and millions of YouTube views never replace one theat-see. So come to the new concert of the studio "Mamahohotala".

What is waiting for you? Non-stop mix of jokes, thumbnails and actual numbers that you will see and hear for the first time. Will be mad ... and almost always intelligent!

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