Journey Through the Looking Glass (National Circus)

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WHY is it worth going to the Journey Through the Looking Glass show in Kyiv?

1. Charming circus program – a source of good humor for children and adults.
2. Stunning script and skill of the artists – a guarantee of good mood.
3. New Year's event for children "Journey Through the Looking Glass" is an exclusive gift from the National Circus of Ukraine.

The National Circus of Ukraine invites you to the grandiose New Year's show "Journey Through the Looking Glass"! The atmosphere of friendship, warmth and fun makes the circus the best place for a family vacation. Celebrate the New Year unforgettably!

Alice's fairytale travels in the magical Looking Glass are stories that relate the childhood memories of several generations. Bright original images, funny characters, witty dialogues made the story of Alice's adventures a favorite work of millions of boys and girls. That is why the creators of the new circus program decided to take as their basis the performances of a Lewis Carroll tale for the Christmas tree.

In the new show in the circus for the New Year will be attended by professional gymnasts, acrobats, tricksters. And fun clowns will help viewers feel part of a large and friendly team. Give your kids a hike for a fabulous event on New Year's holidays!

The circus's creative team is known for its imagination and love for creative experiments. This time in Kyiv, children and adults in the circus are waiting for pleasant and unexpected surprises.

We are waiting for you for New Year's fun for children in Kyiv! Buy tickets in advance at

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