VIII International Festival April Branches

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By tradition, two April evenings we will devote to the memory of the great guitarist and teacher, the author of the first jazz plate in Ukraine and the mentor of a whole generation of Ukrainian musicians - Vladimir Molotkov.

Being a teacher of the variety and jazz department of the Kiev School named after. Gliere, Vladimir Molotkov wrote several tutorials on the technique of jazz accompaniment and improvisation. These textbooks have become a mantra of jazz guitar for both students and professional performers in the expanses of the former USSR. In memory of the outstanding Ukrainian guitarist, three talented musicians from different countries will perform on the stage of the Architectural House, who were united by the love of jazz and guitar:

Alexei Krupsky (Ukraine / Germany)
Alexei Krupsky can be called the receiver of Vladimir Molotkov. He not only graduated from the Kiev School named after Gliere, but also performed with the maestro on the same stage. Also, Alexey collaborated with well-known foreign musicians, among them: Lulo Reinhardt, Andrea Marcelli, Jiggs Wighem, Alex Wagner, Jean-Paul Burelli, Gilbert Diop, Ottorino Galli, Julie Parker, Wawau Adler and Prasanna Ramaswamy. Krupsky is a regular participant of many international festivals, and since 2011 - a member of the jury of the guitar competition festival "April Branches".

Alexey plays in various directions: jazz, fusion, funk, latin and jazz manush. His virtuosic improvisation on the guitar has received love and recognition in many countries of the world, and we hope that the Kiev audience will also warmly accept their talented compatriot.

Kike Sinesi (Argentina)
Argentine guitarist Kike Sinesi is one of the most famous and influential guitarists and composers of South America. It was he who introduced the seven-string guitar into Argentine modern music. In his melodies are intertwined traditional Argentine rhythms with modern classics, jazz, melodic elements of tango and milonga.

Since 1999, Sinesi regularly played in a duet with the legendary saxophonist Charlie Mariano. In 2000, together with the former pianist Astor Piazzolla Pablo Ziegler, he founded the project "New Tango Duo", which in 2005 was awarded the "Latin Grammy Award." The works of Sinesi were published in France, Japan, Belgium and Germany, and were interpreted by leading guitarists of Argentina and many countries of the world, including Victor Villadangos, Bertha Rojas, Stanley Jordan and Nora Bushman.

Giorgio Crobu (Italy)
His game is associated with the romantic manner of playing Bill Evans and the soft sound of Wes Montgomery. We have a whole two evenings to enjoy the warm sound of the guitar of Italian musician Giorgio Crobu.

Already at the age of 16, Giorgio made his professional debut and toured throughout Italy. Having received fame in his native country, Krobu began to give concerts around the world. Giorgio Crobe played with such musicians as Joe Pass, Buddy DeFranco, Eddie Gomez, Babik Reinhardt, Harry Edison, Al Gray, Bob Minzer, Buddy Tate, Giovanni Tommaso and Danny Moos.

Three talented performers, in whose hands the guitar plays virtuously, are ready to give us two unforgettable evenings in memory of Vladimir Molotkov. We are waiting for you on April 14 and 15 in the Architect's House to plunge into the unique atmosphere of guitar jazz.

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