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"Life would seem like a tragedy if you shoot it close-up, but of course, it's a comedy, of course." Charles S. Chaplin
The Cinema House will host the best silent comedies accompanied by an authentic jazz ensemble. The presentation will appeal to audiences of all ages and tastes. The audience will travel a hundred years into the past, at a time when music was the main driver in the cinema world.

Short films of the real comedy kings - Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton, as well as the father of the genre - Frenchman Max Linder are waiting for you. The Kyiv Rhythm Kings - an orchestra consisting of the most incredible instruments, each worthy of a separate description - will be presenting the shows. The ensemble's repertoire includes vintage ragtimes, best samples of early jazz music, spirituals, and more.


Today Charles Chaplin is better known for his full-length masterpieces. But for the first time Charlie's true genius was revealed in his early shorts. The same can be said of Buster Keaton. The program presents three short films, each of which is a true triumph of the genre.
«... the main task of the actor is to make his work clear. After all, the public has no other responsibilities but the entrance fee. ” Buster Keaton
In the program:

The Scarecrow, 1920
Keaton and Roberts farm workers live in the same cottage full of various mechanical devices that make life easier. They fight for the heart of the farmer's daughter. Kitton disguises himself as a scarecrow, and this brings a lot of problems to his rival and farmer ...

The Rink, 1916
Charley Charlie works at a restaurant. After a series of adventures at work, he goes to relax on a rink. There he sees Mr Stout actively caring for a girl who clearly does not reciprocate. In the evening, Charlie appears at her party, introducing "Sir Cecil Seltzer ..."

The Frozen North, 1922
The character of Buster Keaton finds himself in an exotic place: in the far North, where he has a lot of adventures waiting for him. Among them are the enchanting robbery of a gambling house, the chase in spectacular scenery and the murder of a lover of his wife. Unless, of course, the hero was wrong in his judgments ...

The Kyiv Rhythm Kings include musicians from the bands Hands in Pants, Pushkin Klezmer Band and Brass Band.

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06 November 2020 20:00

Kyiv, House of Cinema

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Silent Cinema and Orchestra

07 November 2020 20:00

Kyiv, House of Cinema

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