New Year's Poetic Evening

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New Year's poetic evenings with Vanya Yakimov will be held at the Architect's House the accompaniment of the piano. You will hear poems and prose written by Eugene Yevtushenko, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Joseph Brodsky, Boris Pasternak, Anton Chekhov and O. Henry.

Evenings performed by Vanya Yakimov have its special atmosphere. He gives everyone an opportunity not only to touch the classics of the literary genre, but also to pass through the whole era. He feels soul of contemporary poetry, and lives every poem like his own story.

Ivan says: "Being a poet is not a job, a poet is a state of mind, a mood, if you like. A mood that helps me express my thoughts, observation, experience in a rhymed form."

New Year's poetic evenings will be held with the accompaniment of the piano.

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