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Why go to the Marusya Churai show?

1. Bright, fresh reading of the legendary work of the living classics of Ukrainian literature Lina Kostenko.
2. Blasting mixture of deep words, dynamic choreography, beautiful Ukrainian songs and brilliant acting game.
3. The play was created under the direction of one of the best directors of modern times, the multiple winner of theatrical festivals - Sergey Pavlyuk.

Is there a love that is divided into three? Is the one who betrayed once worthy of trust? And is there a punishment for such a crime? Why betray a country - a crime, and a man - no?

These vital issues raise the legendary play based on the drama of L. Kostenko "Marusya Churai".

It is believed that the Cossack daughter Marusya Churai was born in Poltava. The girl was not loosely handsome, but also had an extraordinary poetic talent. Her songs "For the world stood the Cossacks", "Oh, do not go, Gritsa", "At the end of the dam, noisy willows" and dozens of others became folk. It is believed that many of them are autobiographical. And one of them became the basis for the legend of Marusya's poisoning of the young Cossack Hrytska, who betrayed her love.

The performance staged by Sergey Pavlyuk will not leave indifferent, because the history of true first love and cynical betrayal of the talented Marus is echoed in the soul of both mature spectators and young people. The wonderful game of the acting structure (N. Nikolaev (Godunok), S. Lozovsky, I. Nikolaev, M. Yaris, etc.) will make you sincerely empathize with the unlucky love of a young girl.

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