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Why should I go to the master class of Masha Yefrosinina "Do you have one"?

1. Chat with incredibly attractive Masha Efrosinina.
2. Learn how to build harmonious relationships in the family, learn to love yourself, enjoy life.
3. There will be pleasant surprises and prize drawings

A popular TV presenter, public figure and mother of two kids Masha Efrosinina will hold a master class for women "You're alone."

Masha will share tips on personal experience and her life story. Tell the truth about the difficult 15 years of life, which have fallen on the incredibly successful times of her work in the "Rise". A terrific take off in the career ladder and, at the same time, the years of loneliness, the struggle against overweight and undermining of women's health.

Only personal experience, only tips, tested on yourself, only personal lessons.

The most intense emotions, the most vivid topics: about health, about relationships with men, family and children. And of course, do not let us sequester women's weaknesses.

Duration of three hours: one and half hours MK, and then communication in the format of question-answer FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS!

In the program:
- how to build harmonious relationships in the family;
- how to combine a family and a successful career;
- how to learn to love yourself;
- how to enjoy life;
- personal secrets of Masha Yefrosinina;
- a healthy and not boring way of life, a diet without a diet;
- where the woman finds energy.


I WELCOME YOUR ATTENTION: ONLY THE PARTICIPANTS OF CATEGORY 1 TO 4 RANGE get an opportunity to chat personally with Masha, take an autograph and make a photo!

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