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Why should you go to the ballet "Masquerade"?

1. Be inspired by a new bright reading of a classic work.
2. Survive a full immersion in a dynamic plot.
3. View the production in one breath and understand: this is great!

In the Opera and Ballet Theater - “Masquerade” to the music of Aram Khachaturian, edited by Edgar Hovhannisyan. The famous plot of Lermontov gained a second wind, and you should appreciate it!

Viewers are offered an updated production, using unique scenographic solutions and modern choreography. In short, the stage will be captured by a bright dynamic action that will give the public a lot of surprises.

The “Masquerade” in the Odessa Opera is the most polished images of the characters, these are updated costumes and spectacular decorations. This is the perfect gourmet creation!

At the time of Lermontov, the drama Masquerade was not even allowed into the publication. On the scenic life of the work, of course, and there could be no question. The censors were embarrassed by “too harsh passions” and some other details. But the time has come, and Masquerade has earned deserved recognition. And today the ballet of the same name is successfully staged on many theater stages.

What lies behind the masks? Love and passion, jealousy - feelings and emotions carving a spark from hearts. Can this bouquet of someone leave you indifferent?

The duration of the performance is 1 hour and 40 minutes, with an intermission.

Waiting for you!

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