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Why is it worth going to the play "At the Ark at 8"?

1. Ideal for family viewing and very recommended for children and adolescents aged 5 to 12 years
2. A cheerful and laid-back story about enduring values ​​will help adults to raise and explain many useful topics to children
3. Was recognized as the best play for children and youth in Germany

"At the Ark at 8" - a play based on the play of the modern famous German director and playwright Ulrich Hub - is an example of a successful combination of the biblical parable of the Flood, which is taken as the basis of the plot, and the modern good story of the three lovely penguins who board the Noah's Ark .

But there are three penguins, and there are only two tickets for the ark. In this difficult situation, the heroes of the play have to connect all their best qualities: a sense of friendship, faith, honor, love for one's neighbor.

"At the Ark at 8", at one time, was recognized as the best play for children and youth in Germany. For several years already, it has enjoyed immense popularity not only in children's, but also in "adult" theaters around the world. After all, people of different ages find in history something necessary for themselves and perceive it at their own level.

The play "The Ark at 8" is ideal for family viewing and is highly recommended for children and adolescents aged 5-15. We assure: neither children nor adults will be bored!

Director of the play Julia-Lesi Lifantii Cast Julia-Lesi Lifantii Dimitriy Matusov Julia Shevchenko Viktor Kozhevnikov Inna Goncharova

In June 2015, the "Maskam Rad" Theater with the performance "At the Ark at 8" took part in the International Youth Theater Festival in Vratsa (Bulgaria), where he represented Ukraine together with the theatrical groups from 15 other countries of different continents.

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