Bear and Offer

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Why should you go to the play "The Bear and the Offer"?

1. To see two works by A. Chekhov at once.
2. Enjoy the superb playing of famous actors.
3. Once again, talk about the most important thing in the world - about love.

Among the rich artistic heritage of A. Chekhov there are two jokes in one action - “The Bear and the Offer”. And although they are very short, it is known that the author himself attached great importance to them.

These two plays are about the most important thing in the world. About love. Sometimes clumsy, comical and meaningless (although is there love without meaning?), But always bright, sincere and inspiring. It can arise where it was not expected. Solve the most hopeless situation. Change the person and circumstances. Because love is always wiser than ourselves.

“Bear and Offer” was played many times on large and small theater stages. And the number of new productions is growing inexorably. In the interpretation of the theater "Actor" you will find a mixture of copyright humor, dance, music and wonderful reincarnations. Love fever will infect all around! We assure that a new reading of classic texts will not leave you indifferent. Especially in the performance of such wonderful actors as Alexey Vertinsky, Vladimir Brodsky, Kristina Sinelnik, Victoria Bilan.

Director - Vyacheslav Zhyla.
The performance is in Russian.
Duration - 1.5 hours (with intermission).