Melancholy waltz

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The theater of the young spectator invites you to an amazingly beautiful and delicate performance "Melancholic Waltz".

Staging and directing - Konstantin Dubinin.

Valse melancolique is a well-known novel by Olga Kobylianska. Answering the question about the main idea of ​​the work, the author did not hide her surprise and, in her turn, noted: there is a mood when there is no peace for the soul, when there is a strong desire to realize a big dream, and the heart feels a strong call - indescribable and inexpressible in simple words. So is it possible in this state to distinguish a clear idea and the main idea?

In the center of the story are three creative women: Anna, Sofia and Marta. Their classes are painting, teaching and music. Each of the heroines has its own worldview, through the prism of which sees the place of such a feeling as love in one's life. Each has a personal opinion. And you also have to think: what is more important - free creativity or submissive love ...

See you!

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