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Why go to a charity merry christmas show?

1. A fascinating program that combines the world-famous Christmas hits performed by the finalists of the project “Voice of the Country” Anyanya Udongwo and his band, as well as virtuoso ballet, symphony orchestra, incredible special effects
2. An excellent reason to escape from the daily bustle and spend the evening with family and friends in an atmosphere of live music and real Christmas.
3. Stylish. Mentally. Atmospheric. Is free. And a great opportunity to do good!

The hits of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong performed by the extraordinary soul vocal Anyanya Udongwo and his band. Music that creates the atmosphere of Christmas from the very first sounds. It envelops the soul and leads her to light, but pleasant, nostalgia, now to the quivering expectation of something extraordinary.

The hall is immersed in a transparent haze through which small lights flicker fabulously. The air is saturated with the aroma of fresh spruce and bitter coffee. Imagine January 1980, New York, from the stage sounds the romantic voice of Frank Sinatra, singing the famous "Jingle Bells". Wouldn't you like to go there? We offer you this opportunity. Just keep in mind that we will not stay in New York for long, we will visit completely different places - because music has no boundaries.

Just dedicate this evening to yourself. Let all cares and affairs remain outside the hall. Home, work - all later. Only you and the music (and of course close people nearby). This will be our Christmas present for you. Because doing something nice to other people is a special joy, which, alas, is often forgotten. In pursuit of the desire to “survive” or “succeed”, something extremely important goes to the background - the joy of being able to help another person. But how many people now really need elementary attention, not to mention help. A child in an orphanage is in sincere embraces and in at least one new toy from the store. A mother of four children, who works in two shifts, sleeps for three hours just to feed the family.

This is all to the fact that there are many people who can be helped. And if we want during Merry Christmas Show, we can do good to these people. It would be possible to make a paid entrance and give all the money to help the orphans or the poor, but charity is voluntary. Therefore, you can take part in a charity auction, as well as make a charitable contribution by purchasing handmade souvenirs in the “Stop. Think it over. Make good”.

The organizers and participants on a volunteer basis make a large-scale charity event to show that Ukrainians are a nation of good people with open hearts. It is pleasant to do good deeds. And Christmas is a great excuse! And we, in turn, sincerely want you to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and get great pleasure from this evening. Live sound and special sound of soul vocals, subtle movements of ballet dancers and many special effects. It is very important to start the year with pleasant emotions. And we guarantee them to you!

Admission is free, but only by pre-registration. Please go for free registration - it will take no more than a minute of your time.

To register, please click on the "Buy ticket" button. In the form that opens, please leave your contact details and you will be sent a confirmation of registration. You don't have to pay anything :)

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