Methods of upbringing small burials

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Why should I go to the show "Methods of upbringing small burials"?

1. History, after which you will rethink the importance of family relationships.
2. The play was created after the play, which won the first prize of the International Literary Contest "Coronation of the Word" 2018
3. The role of the old dog is the artistic director of the theater Vitaliy Kino

How to live when you do not associate with your relatives anything but your desire to sell a common house as soon as possible? Who is to blame, that the dog understands you better than his brother? What to do when the term "kinship" sounds like something "strained"? Why is everything so? Because of bad education? Sophisticated life circumstances? .. Or just because of your inability to love?

The story of three brothers who have almost lost contact with each other. And everything still combines them - the parent's hut and the old dog Kubik ... But a knock on the door is broken, and She is included ... The only one ... The only one who can reconcile them. Or confuse forever, pulling out "from the closet" all the secrets ...

What's all over? Brother or Mocking? Depending on whether Her methods of raising small burials are known.

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