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From June 15 to June 23, the International Physical Theater Festival Mime Wave Festival 2019 will be held in Kiev. The program will include performances, workshops and lectures from artists from the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Spain. The main organizer of the festival is the Dutch organization Mime Wave, with the support of the Culture Bridges Program.

For 9 days at 6 locations , including the stage of the Center. Lesia Kurbas, creative space IZONE, "Scene 6" and others, will be held bold theatrical performances and creative experiments, workshops and lectures. The entire festival program can be found at: www.mimewave.com.

“One of the main tasks of the Mime Wave Festival 2019 is the development of an independent physical theater in Ukraine and the creation of opportunities for the young Ukrainian generation of artists,” says festival director and artistic director Anastasia Lyubchenko. In Ukraine, the viewer is not quite familiar with this kind of art. Therefore, we decided to invite leading artists from the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries to Kiev. In addition to the unique performances from various mime schools, a special event at the festival will be the holding of intensive theater management in IZONE, which will include master classes and lectures from international experts. Festival events will become a platform for artistic discussions, real professional discoveries and useful tips. Also during the festival, for the first time, there will be an exchange of universities Amsterdam - Kiev - Stockholm, where they teach the art of "mime". ”

The festival program will feature several different performances:

June 15 (opening of the festival) and June 22 (official closing of the festival) - a physical presentation of the Ukrainian director Anastasia Lyubchenko "Metamorphosis" with Ukrainian actors and Dutch musicians about the influence of political events in the country on the emotional state of a person.

06/18 - Classical pantomime from Spanish mime Carlos Martinez (Carlos Martinez),

06/21 - The performance of the German director in the style of the Dutch “mima” Yoliki Sudermann (Jolika Sudermann) “Infanta” (INFANTEN) - “return trip” by the time she perceived the world as a child.

22.06 - Swedish theater Pantomimteatern (Pantomimteatern) will play a show for teens and adults "Hope for Life" (LEAP OF FAITH - for I survived), which directs the history of refugee children without words, but very visual and rich music scene.

22/23/06 Dutch Egg play EGG from the theater company MAAS is a fun performance of two memes, with a small amount of props, and a lot of magic for children's delight.

23.06 In addition, the unique Swarm collaboration project (SWARM) will be implemented. Directed by Fabian de la Quintana (Fabián Santarciel de la Quintana) , a teacher at the Amsterdam Theater Academy of the modern “Mime”, together with 30 participants from Ukraine and other countries during the whole days of the festival will work on a performance that will be shown to the audience on the last day

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