Mirabella and the Dragon

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Why go to the play "Mirabella and the Dragon"?

1. Do you dream of a fairy tale?
2. Beautiful princesses, brave princes and fantastic dragons.
3. Do you dream of receiving a gift from the hands of the Chief New Year Wizard?

Mirabella and the dragon is a musical tale for children and their parents, about love and fidelity, friendship and treachery, magical transformations and wonderful salvations.

Well, of course, with Grandfather Frost and gifts!

Capricious Mirabella wishes from the unfortunate father more and more gifts. One fine day, she receives through the efforts of the insidious witch Morgana and the legibility of the court wizard Merlin a real dragon, who is not a dragon at all, but an enchanted prince. Having tried all the ways of cute fairies-sylphs, on the edge of the blade of a fearless knight, will Princess Mirabella and the dragon be able to save themselves and save their friendship?

After the intermission, the audience will once again plunge into the atmosphere of a medieval castle, where they will continue the adventures of their beloved heroes and the new heroine - the daughter of Princess Mirabella, no less capricious Agnes. Whims almost cost her a castle, but Santa Claus will come to the rescue and not only save the heroes, but also entertain the children with fun games and surprises for every child!

The performance comes with an intermission.
Children under 3 years old without a seat - free!

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