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Mysticism of sound. Game of five elements

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The ARTSpacetm art project of the Kyiv Planetarium presents a full-dome show - meditation “Mysticism of sound. A game of five elements.

We bring to your attention a music-projection show of sound meditation, where you will dive into the depths of the mystical sound of the five elements.

The harmony is sounded by a gentle female voice, enchanting Tibetan bowls and bells, and the temporitum sets the fresh sound of the sea, the sound of summer with the instrument "marshmallow", the sound of silence "karatala" and many other instruments that can enchant. This celestial music in synthesis with a full-dome projection of 360 ﹾ leads to a feeling of unity, harmony with oneself and cosmic consciousness - the primary state of world creation, which contributes to the peace of mind of each person.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air - elements that acquire different mystical meanings. Each element is so unique that in the combination of these sounds you can hear the harmony of the universe.

The fifth element is the sound of the ether - it is the basis of all sounds, which is enclosed within each person, it is a shade, a semitone that does not stop. His tool is the human body, with which he manifests himself when the inner space opens, when the body is cleansed of material qualities. It cannot be seen, it cannot be heard, it can only be felt during ecstasy, or vice versa, being in a state of peace and quiet of the mind. It is a unique feeling when the sound of the ether ascends to the Celestial Spheres, but this applies only to those who reveal themselves to it.

In the mysticism of the sound of the five elements, you can see the images of the universe, which are the essence and source of all that exists. Revealing the soul, intuitive abilities, heart, external and internal beauty, which leads to the perfection that everyone strives for.
"The human heart, once expanded, becomes larger than Heaven."

So, let's listen, feel and enjoy together at the full-dome music show of the Kyiv Planetarium.

When completed, we will return through the "Gate of Silence" to our home planet Earth. In the modern, material world, home.

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