City of the gods

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Why go to the "City of the Gods" show?

1. Enjoy the beautiful performance from the theater "Golden Gate".
2. Understand that everything in the world is possible.
3. Believe in a miracle.

The play "The City of the Gods" on the play "Case in the City of Goh" by the Slovenian playwright Slavka Gruma from the Belarusian director Yuriy Divakov continues the #seasons in the theater "Golden Gate". But it does not just extend, but expands the limits of our experience, because the performance is made at the junction of the drama theater and theater of the subject (the puppet theater).

The performance is eccentric and very mischievous in form, but if you are comfortable with art-house cinema and contemporary painting - this performance will surely please. In this spectacle, the private stories of the inhabitants of one city turn into a chronicle of human dreams, phobias, sins and secret desires. But what could be more interesting than knowing someone else's secrets?

Attention, the play uses profanity!

Posted by Slavko Grum (Slovenia)
Director: Yuriy Divakov (Belarus)
Authors: Volodymyr Kovbel, Anastasia Babiy, Vitaliy Azhnov, Lilia Tsviekikova, Andriy Polishchuk, Anna Glukhenka, Katerina Vyshneva, Bogdan Builuk

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City of the Gods

13 December 2018 19:00


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