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City of my childhood

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Someone claims that Odessa is not a city, but Paradise. Others say that Odessa is a real and bewitching oasis in the desert of Cosmos. And what about the inhabitants of Odessa themselves? And they just live here. And, of course, they smile when they hear another fable about themselves ...

And how do they live, what do they live with, what air do they breathe? Actually, this is the play that was created once by three talented and young then Odessa citizens - Georgy Golubenko, Leonid Suschenko and Valery Khait. And they called it "Old houses." And they put on her performance, where the main role was played by the legendary Mikhail Vodyanoy. Needless to say, many remembered!

And it was so fond of that after several decades Igor Ravitsky staged this performance in our theater, and it sounded under the new name “City of my childhood” - in a new way, but retaining the same unsurpassed warmth of Odessa, which our Black Sea pearl has been famous for for a long time. .

Therefore, the inhabitants of Odessa will recreate on stage our beloved and dear Odessa. Agree, it's worth a look and listen.

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