Mitya's love: a diary

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Why is it worth going to the play "Mitya's love: a diary"?

1. Thin, sensual story of the first youthful love.
2. The performance is ideal for a date.
3. Minimum of special effects and decorations, maximum of feelings and emotions.

Everyone has his own first love story.

Someone - happy and passionate, someone - full of disappointment and suffering. But one way or another, we all go through the mandatory steps that lead us this bright unforgettable youthful feeling: the first kiss, torn by sneaking, the birth of an all-consuming passion, the first sprouts of burning jealousy, the first betrayal and pain of loss. What all these feelings will remain in our memory, depends only on us.

The protagonist of the play - a boy named Mitya - is just passing through all the love stages. His feelings for Katya, he writes in a small diary. What for? That, when everything is over, again and again be able to live your first love.

The play "Mitin's love: a diary" is a vivid idea that will give you a lot of pleasant moments. Director V. Belozorenko turned the sensual story of the authorship of Ivan Bunin into a real theater of feelings that does not need decorations or special effects. A gorgeous cast of actors (V. Azhnov, D. Oleinik, A. Salata, B. Schumansky) only benefits the catchy plot.

Give yourself an evening of touching love!

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