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Intergalactic meditation. Music of the heavenly spheres

27.06 - 26.09 Events: 4
Kyiv Planetarium Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 57/3
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70 min.
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"Intergalactic meditation. Music of the Heavenly Spheres" in Kyiv will take place at the Kyiv Planetarium.

Why should you participate in the program "Intergalactic Meditation. Music of the heavenly spheres" in Kyiv?

  1. Kyiv Planetarium's own artistic project.
  2. A unique full-dome intergalactic meditation using the Sound Healing technique.
  3. Acquiring peace of mind and balance surrounded by sound harmony.

"Intergalactic meditation. Music of the heavenly spheres" in Kyiv

The Kyiv Planetarium invites you to a unique meditation program "Music of the Celestial Spheres"! A meeting with distant stars and sounds awaits you, guided by spiritual practitioner and sound therapist Oleg Myhal. Today, healing meditation is more necessary than ever for each of us. Diving into the depths of the external macro- and internal micro-cosmos, where everything obeys the laws of Beauty and Harmony, will allow you to feel the real Music of the soul, to understand its harmonious nature. A truly fascinating pastime awaits you.

Amazing healing of the body and soul by immersion in the world of sounds and through the contemplation of the stars

Meditation and your cosmic odyssey will begin with the gentle sound of Tibetan karatal bells - "Gateway to the Silence of Consciousness". They will be followed by cosmic bells and bowls, the sound of which will accompany the intergalactic flight of the soul. The sounds of bell instruments, xylophones and bowls will relieve stress and muscle blocks. As a result, general well-being, sleep, and mood will improve. The mind will become clear, and the outlook on life will be fresh. And all this is against the background of incredible pictures of the starry sky. Do not miss a great opportunity to get a new invaluable and useful experience!

Important information:

Your tickets are your money, which will not be lost in any case. In the event of cancellation (stopping) of the program due to an air-raid alarm, the money for the tickets will not be refunded, but the Kyiv Planetarium guarantees the exchange of any ticket for tickets for similar or other events, shows, full-dome sessions according to the face value until 01.01.2025.

Where to buy tickets for the program "Intergalactic Meditation. Music of the heavenly spheres" in Kyiv?

You can buy tickets at any convenient time online at Concert.ua.