My beautiful lady

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My fair lady.

The world-famous story about the ancient Greek sculptor Pygmalion, who sculpted the beautiful Galatea from marble and fell in love with his own creation, was recreated in the play Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw and went around all the leading stage stages of the world. Based on the Pygmalion A.J. Lerner created the libretto, and Frederick Low wrote magical music ...

So, it all starts with the fact that Professor Henry Higgins, an outstanding linguist, teacher of phonetics and, at the same time, an arrogant person, puts forward a theory about how pronunciation and stress determine a person’s place in society. With the intention of proving his point of view, he bets with Colonel Pickering.

The professor’s goal is to teach the ordinary flower girl from the street to speak so competently that she is accepted as one of her own in high society. In addition, the professor promises to introduce his student at the embassy reception in the palace as soon as possible. Higgins' choice falls on a young poor girl named Eliza Dolittle.

Eliza moves to the linguist’s house and starts training ... What will come of this and will the stubborn professor win?

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