My Fair Lady

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Why should I go to the play "My Fair Lady"?

1. World-famous romantic story in a fresh, bright and unexpected reading.
2. In the performance live music is performed by the variety and symphony orchestra of the theater.
3. Musical is a great opportunity to relax with family, friends and loved ones.

The plot, in which the beautiful beauty becomes a beautiful princess, is not at all new. It would seem that everything in this theater has been played and the viewer will not be surprised at all.

But the director M. Bulgakov still try. Meet the legendary play "My Fair Lady" in a completely fresh reading!

On your eyes, the new Pygmalion Henry Higgins will try to blind his own Galatea, taking as a basis a rather unusual material - the flower girl Eliza Dullittle. But is it possible to break down a living man for the sake of fashion and very vague notions of what is possible and what is not allowed? After all, after all, behind the outward gloss and graceful manners of a well-trained lady, the real Eliza is hiding - a girl with an ardent heart and an open mind.

Who knows, in whom the sculptor will fall in love - in his amazing creation or, nevertheless, an imperfect original. And will the beautiful apprentice of her overconfident teacher forgive? You will find an incomparable musical, a talented play of actors and unique live music performed by the pop-symphony orchestra.

Give yourself an evening of incredible sensations! The roles in the production were performed by: S. Lozovsky, V. Yanchuk, O. Pshin, J. Bichkovskaya, O. Murina, A. Kudela and others.

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