My wife goes to the Italian

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Comedy by Nadezhda Ptushkina's play "The Leaning Tower of Pisa".

In the comedy "My wife goes to the Italian" only two characters - an inattentive man who is spending all his free time at the TV or in the company of friends, a libertine, and tired of life poorly minded wife-librarian. The couple is tired of routine relationships to a state of depression, they despise and annoy one another. They increasingly think that all these long years have passed without love. From time to time, looking back at the past, husbands and wives come to a disappointing, but somewhat soothing conclusion, that they are just different people who in no way can be happy together.

But one wonderful day happens incredible - the wife says she goes to a rich Italian and goes to Pisa. It would seem that everything can be solved very simply. However, the couple are in no hurry to divorce, but on the contrary - a man and a woman struggle to cling to each other. In the process of family scandals and the clarification of relationships it becomes clear that people who lived side by side for so many years did not suspect what was happening in the soul of a loved one. However, true love overcomes any inconvenience, and by the end of history, the sense of marriage flares up with a new force.

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