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Why go to the MONATIK concert?

1. To see the artist, without whom today it is impossible to imagine the domestic show business.
2. Hear songs that sound from all sides.
3. Recharge with crazy energy.

Monatik is an artist who is not tired of calling breakthrough and discovery, although he has long been entrenched in the starry sky of the Ukrainian scene. Having experienced all the difficulties of a beginner, he was able to achieve frenetic popularity.

Dima Monatik from Lutsk. Lack of music education did not stop him. Monatika's creative journey began with a dance. He knocked on various talent shows, and many doors opened to him. 2010 was a turning point. Third season "Everybody dance!" and the first "X-Factor" is hard to imagine without him. And today he is already a judge and mentor in popular TV shows.

From writing songs for popular artists boyfriend went on a solo career. And this choice was absolutely right. Today he has many awards, several albums and dozens of singles. The clips for the songs “ULIAUVT”, “What is crazy about,” “Vitamin D” scored 18 million views on the Youtube channel, and the track “Weekend” - 26 million. And the leader of the views was, of course, the song "Circles" - 78 million!

Come to the MONATIK concert - it will be a clean drive!

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