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This performance is non-trivial and unique. Immediately bring down on your head the name - "Monologues of the Vagina", the spectacle-shocking. Setting for a modern man, critically thinking and not indifferent to free creativity.

The performance "Monologues of the Vagina" was ripped off by a stormy ovation on the theatrical expanses from New York to London. The production shone with such bright actresses as Winona Ryder, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Selma Heyek, Whoopi Goldberg, Glenn Klose and Susan Sarandon. The author of the Russian reading of the play by Yves Insler was directed by Giuliano di Capua. He was provided with creative support by Lilia Kislenko, a fashion designer who created costumes that gave the production a special charm and grace.

Yves Insler created the play based on more than two hundred interviews. As a result, a work was born, which reproduces the truth of the uterus in the very out-and-out frank submission. The theme of the work is not simple, but close to everyone. The author skillfully deduces the story from the channel of psychology and gynecology and provides the viewer with pure art, free from rampant feminism.

The performance does not cause a sense of shame, because it sips in the truth. The production is funny, sad and entertaining at the same time. At the same time, you leave the hall with an unusual feeling of involvement in something important and sublime.

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