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Why should I go to the show "Morozko"?

1. Interesting tale for children with folk rituals and a nap
2. The show uses multimedia equipment
3. The play has an educational lesson for every child

Ukrainian folk tale, multimedia performance. A beautiful and moving story about friendship and magic, created on the grounds of the favorite children's film "Morozko".

In one village lived a lonely old man, who himself brought up a daughter. Subsequently, the old man decided to marry. The new wife turned out to be very harsh to the grandfather's girlfriend, constantly barking and dancing her. His native daughter allowed to sleep for a long time, did not do anything and in every way instilled her whims. Evil stepmother, wanting to get rid of her father-in-law, ordered her husband to take her to the forest and marry Moroz. The old man did not dare not obey a quarreling woman and brought her daughter to the forest, left near a large pine and returned home. Soon came Moroz ...

The play is full of fascination, music, dancing and jokes. There are folk ceremonies and Vertep. It is also filled with magic winter notes, which has grown more than one generation of children. Like any fairy tale, "Morozko" has its own instructive lesson. What exactly, every child will learn on their own, well, and our heroes will help her in this.

The performance is intended for the age of 5 to 12 years. Duration 50 minutes

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