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Music of movie hits performed by a symphony orchestra

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Concerts "Movie hit music performed by a symphony orchestra" will be held in Ukrainian cities from October 20 to October 30, 2023.

Why should you go to the concert "Movie hits performed by a symphony orchestra"?

  1. An outstanding musical group that conquered thousands of listeners.
  2. Enchanting concert program with melodies to your favorite movies.
  3. An unforgettable evening under the sign of musical magic.

Concert "Music of movie hits performed by a symphony orchestra" in your city

The famous Gosorchestra Symphony Orchestra invites everyone to an unforgettable meeting! After all, the skill and professional tenacity of the team members reach the highest level. The repertoire of the orchestra includes more than 200 pieces in unique arrangements. Each performance is an extravaganza of emotions, sounds and impressions for the audience.

Immersion in the melodious movie universe together with talented musicians

This evening, thanks to the wizards of the Gosorchestra, you will be transported to the magical world of melodies from the most famous films - from the music of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the majestic soundtracks of "Star Wars". The concert will give you incredible impressions and enjoyment of the most spectacular moments from famous movies, which will come to life before your eyes thanks to the virtuosos of the orchestra. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the concert "Music of movie hits performed by a symphony orchestra"?

Choose comfortable seats in the hall and immediately order tickets online at Concert.ua.

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