The music of the zodiac under the starry sky

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Why should go to the concert "Music of the Zodiac. Aquarius"?

1. The show "Music of the Zodiac" displays the temperament of each of the zodiac signs in music.
2. Emotions from the show will stay with you for many more years.
3. Musical action, the uniqueness of which is reinforced by the only one in Ukraine, an exciting, full-dome 360 show under the starry sky of the Kiev Planetarium!

Art-musical project ARTSpacetm Kiev Planetarium invites you to the show "Music of the Zodiac"!

For your attention a visual performance about each sign of the zodiac, this time sensual and mystical Aquarius!

Mozart, Schubert, Pasternak, Mendelssohn, Vysotsky, Bob Marley and many others - born under the constellation Aquarius.

- Discover the art of Aquarius.
- Know the source of their inspiration.
- Find your features in the great creative heritage.

Andrey Solovyov (SOLOVIOV) and the band represents: the musical world of Aquarius, modern Ukrainian author music, the magic astral connection of the zodiac sign and the creative path.

Andrey Solovyov (SOLOVIOV) - piano, keyboards,
Galina Skoda - vocals - (ULTRAMARINE)
Maria Sorokina - Drums - (ONUKA)
Nazar Vachevsky - saxophone - (SERDYUCHKA)
Roman Dudnik - bass
Alexander Leonov - guitar - (LAUD)

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