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We will learn to bake pies

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Why should you go to the play "We will learn to bake pies"?

1. View a beautiful jazz melodrama.
2. Think about life conflicts and believe in the best.
3. To see the first stage incarnation of the play by the talented Petersburg playwright Olga Zverlina.

The world of illusions and dreams. It is so comfortable and familiar. And it's so hard to give it up to finally take on the construction of real life.

The eternal choice about the crane in the sky and a bird in the hand. Can you really be happy with a little bird? Or, being here on earth, you still have to worry, looking into the sky waiting for a graceful crane?

The heroes of the play are young guys who are struggling to learn how to be happy. But will they stand the test of real life? And where to get the strength if the castles in the air begin to collapse? And this will happen when betrayal, unrequited love, death...

But whatever happens, you can always turn on your favorite jazz, brew delicious tea, bake homemade cakes and call a close friend. Or at least remember it. Decide to be happy and be them, no matter what. And, perhaps, suddenly the doorbell will sound. And he (the same "crane in the sky") will fly into the apartment with the words: "Well, hello, my baby."

“We will learn to bake pies” is a wonderful performance based on a play by the modern playwright Olga Zverlina. Be sure to come to this vital and sensual setting!