Mina Mazailo

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Why go to the "Mina Mazailo" show?

1. Because here are the best young actors in Kiev.
2. Because Ukrainian is always in fashion!
3. A good opportunity to bring the child a love for Ukrainian classics

In the center of the comedy "Mina Mazailo" by the brilliant Ukrainian playwright Mykola Kulish is a family scandal. And although the author described the event nearly a hundred years ago, such "Little Russian tragedies" often occur today.

How to recognize the boundary that begins to disassociate people, relatives in blood, history and culture? Why in a single family father and son can not find a common language? It is sad and tragic, and funny.

The inflammatory performance immerses in the light of lightning events, love, conflicts, satire, topical issues, raises the question of who we are and what we strive for. Funny and subtle, about the things that are now on the ear.

The performance is attended by alumni and students of the acting workshop n.a. Ukraine Bogdan Benyuk.

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