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Why should you go to the play "At the bottom"?

1. See how famous classics put under the imperishable hit Led Zeppelin.
2. Understand the contemporary relevance of the work created by the great playwright of the past century.
3. Once again to think about what we choose for our future.

Kiev Theater in Podol presents the performance “At the bottom” based on the play by Maxim Gorky. Unexpected reading of the classics and answers to the most difficult questions - all in one statement.

Perhaps the viewer expects a pronounced conservatism from the performance. After all, this is a classic. But no, they did not guess. It can not be boring work that goes to the music of the hit theme Stairway to Heaven of the legendary Led Zeppelin. You will definitely get a lot of pleasure and be able to hear the answers to the living questions of our time.

In every life there are moments when you need to make a choice. We are the authors of our actions and we create our future. And what to prefer: the usual routine or take a chance, going to the unknown? These questions will never lose their relevance.

The play “At the Bottom” staged by the Theater on Podol was marked by high theatrical awards, including the Kiev Pectoral (2011).

Director - People's Artist of Ukraine Vitaly Malakhov.
The roles are performed by: Oksana Anishchenkova, Natalya Rokitskaya, Alexander Danilchenko, Dasha Malakhova and other talented actors.

Duration - 3 hours, with intermission.