On the border

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Why go to the show Аt the border?

1. Immerse yourself
2. Find new meanings
3. See the psychological theater

The Art Studio "Dark Sophit" presents a dramatic play "On the Edge", which aims to find answers to questions that prevent a person from living happily, realizing, loving and beloved. In recent years, when economic and political circumstances become increasingly tense, it is increasingly possible to hear about suicide cases.

Being on the verge of choosing between life and death that can inspire and support? The protagonist follows his pain and fears, but it makes sense for life.

You can look at the show at a wider angle - as under the pressure of circumstances when the world tries to turn you into a gear, to find your freedom?

Stylistically, the play develops from the psychological theater, through the elements of the physical, to the finale with a tone grotesque.

Participation in festivals:
Gogolfest, ArkSquat, September 2017
Die Grenze from the Goethe-Institut, Kyiv, June 2017

Dramturg: Lana Ra
Director: Piotr Armyanovsky
Cast: Andriy Lagoda, Yevhen Konoshchuk
Artist: Kira Perepelytsya

Speech language: Ukrainian
Duration: 55 minutes
Age category: 16+

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