In the basement

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Why is it worth going to the play “In the Basement”?

1. Theater space TEO for the first time in Kiev.
2. The play on the cult film of the post-Soviet youth.
3. Modern theater for the modern audience.

The play “In the Basement” was set based on the cult underground film “The Green Elephant” (dir. S. Baskova, 1999). The action takes place at a guardhouse of any country in our world, where two officers are kept in custody, enduring beatings, humiliation, violation of all human rights, which as a result leads to the madness of the heroes and the bloody denouement. The play raises questions of humanity and the inability to be human in inhuman conditions, about the fragility of our nature and consciousness.

Director - Ivan Orlenko

Actors: Artem Dolgoter, Petr Konoplya, Alexander Burlachenko, Eugene Bal.

Musical arrangement: Gennady Boychenko

Lighting Designer: Vyacheslav Gavrichenko

Producer: Julia Yoon

IMPORTANT! The play contains profanity, scenes of violence. 18+

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