PREMIERE! For every sage enough simplicity

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Why is it worth going to the statement "For every sage enough simplicity" in Odessa?

1. The comedy of provisions will please wit and urgency.
2. It will be interesting for the viewer to draw parallels with the present.
3. Simple and understandable to all topics raised in the play will not leave anyone indifferent.

We invite you to the Russian theater for a comedy of the provisions of Alexander Ostrovsky "For every sage enough simplicity." Topical issues and a bright game of actors - the key to an unforgettable evening and good mood. Come be a great company!

Ostrovsky comedy for a pleasant stay. The production of a play written at the end of the XIX century still does not lose its importance and relevance. It is so easy to draw connecting lines with our lives and to find out from your colleague or acquaintance in Glumov.

And the play is recommended to anyone who is not aware of the ubiquitous social injustice, every now and then, rushes to the anger of a society of fools, and still has not understood why such a giftlessness has become your boss.

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