Above the abyss in... (Norway. Today)

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Why should you go to the play The Abyss in... (Norway. Today)?

1. Make sure that life is valuable and beautiful
2. To see the European theater hit
3. Re-think your problems and attitude towards them

A life routine is only for old people who are already accustomed to appreciate it, but not for young people. Confident of their correctness and absolute exclusivity, often, not coping with disappointment, they are ready for an ill-considered step - suicide.

Can such a topic become the basis of a beautiful production? Of course yes! And the play "The Catcher in ... (Norway. Today)", which you will see at the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama, is proof of this.

So, it's decided! Life does not make sense, so you need to get it over with, and quickly. But it must be done beautifully, so that unwitting spectators admire: "Oh, how bold! How defiantly non-trivial! ". And that the process of preparing for the most important performance in life was not boring, you should find a friend in misfortune. After all, it's even more fun to die together! And such a person can easily be.

But at a decisive moment, already standing above the abyss, when only one step remains to the desired death, the questions begin to swirl in my head: do I really need this? After all, here he, a man for whose sake it is worth living, is very near me! And life, as not cool, is beautiful, because there is love in it. And, of course, the northern lights.

Excellent direction by Georg Zheno is ideally complemented by the talented play of the actors of the rusdrum: Anastasia Deriugina and Julia Smushkova (in the role of Julia), and Vladimir Fetisov (in the role of Augustus).