Alone with two

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Why should you go to the show Alone with two?

1. Take part in an interactive show
2. Immerse yourself in thinking about yourself
3. Think of the finale by your own feelings

ART STUDIO "DARK SOFIT" presents a solo performance "Alone with Two".

The most honest conversation. Interactive interaction between the hero and the viewer. Revelation is online. A story about the struggle of contradictions, concentrated in one person. However, this is understandable up to a certain point only to the viewer - the hero until the very last believes in his own individuality. Tugging the branch of the primacy, substitution of concepts, stratification of sensations and an attempt to purify oneself of the "superfluous" - the ego supersedes the common sense of the hero.

A familiar situation for those who fly out of the parent's nest, keeps under the shirt the brand of "excellent", not even suspecting himself of treason before him. For those who are trying to prove something to someone - and in reality - to themselves - that they have a right to life. And those who, in pursuit of this right, waste the idea of which one. The final of the story remains open.

Author and director: Romanova Lia Duration: 45 minutes.
There is a free landing in the hall.

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