The parasite

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Why should you go to the play The parasite?

1. Statement of high and subtle feelings
2. Reminds of home, childhood and gives warm emotions
3. Based on Turgenev's favorite comedy

The house where childhood passed was a holy place. Memories of him are usually the most joyful, warm and happy. And when already in adulthood the soul becomes anxious, I want to return there - to my parents, to a warm home environment. It is about this and many other things the play "The Nahlebnik" at the National Theater of the Russdrama in Kiev.

The production is a stage version of the same name comedy by Ivan Turgenev. Young girl Corina (in marriage Eletskaya) left her native nest when she was still a child. But Kuzovkin never had his own house. Even in his youth, he lost his inheritance and then became a freeloader of the Korin family. All his life he played the role of "courtyard fool" and was satisfied with the small. Worn boots, a bowl of soup - and what will be, it will be.

7 years have passed. From St. Petersburg comes to stay bright beauty. And in the estate there is an immutable old man who has taken root. Young Yeletskaya rejoices, rejoices, remembers, cries... And he absorbs thus every movement and word.

The surrounding, including the new husband of the young Eletskaya and the nearest neighbors, scoff at the miserable "buffoon" Kuzovkin, solder and mock him. But all these humiliations do not kill nobility. Everything would go on as usual, but suddenly the secret breaks out from the depths of the afflicted soul, which will instantly change the turn of events.

Come on thin, "transparent" and poetic performance about comprehension, kindness, nobility of soul, burden of loneliness and strangenesses of love.

The director of the play is Leonid Ostropolsky, the production is Mikhail Reznikovich.

Cast: Oleg Zamyatin, Victor Aldoshin, Yulia Smushkova, Victor Saraykin, Stanislav Moskvin, Alexander Khoroshko and others.

The performance lasts 1 hour 55 minutes (no intermission).


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