The birth of a ballerina

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Why should you go to the play "The Birth of a Ballerina"?

1. Fairy tale is a wonderful format that unites viewers of all ages.
2. Ballet is a sacrament, the secrets of which I would like to reveal gradually.
3. A family visit to the theater will be the best way to spend your leisure with benefit for the soul.

New production in the Odessa Opera! Your attention - a magical extravaganza, a fairy tale for the whole family "The Birth of a Ballerina."

The play was directed by a young and talented Pavel Koshka, who is predicted in theater circles for a loud creative career. The author of the program was Lyudmila Sergeyichuk, without whose participation no significant event in the history of theatrical Odessa passes.

A wonderful production will bring the audience as close as possible to the solution of the mystery of the ballet - high art woven from music and grace. “The Birth of the Ballerina” is a story about how the talent inherent in nature eventually develops into incredible beauty. And the strength of this beauty is multiplied from performance to performance, captivating thousands of hearts... And, of course, the greatest reward for an elegant dancer is the love of the public.

The performance is designed to educate the aesthetic taste of young viewers. No less enjoyable and adult audience. Come with the whole family!

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