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We invite you to the performance "Our Kitchen". Bright images of the heroes, brilliant actors and the theme of the production will not leave anyone indifferent.
Full of drama, the performance based on Asi Kotlyar's play immerses the audience in the era of the post-war years, when emotional wounds were still very fresh, and people's hearts were open to empathy. That is why it is valuable for a playwright, because exposed nerves, pulsating emotions, absolute sincerity - this is precisely what cannot be "staged", it needs to be truly absorbed. And the talented actors of the theater succeeded 100%! Therefore, be sure to come and enjoy the amazing performance!

The action and all the main events of the play take place, as the name suggests, in the kitchen. Yes, yes, in the kitchen of a communal apartment, where people of opposite personalities and like-minded people meet and get along, where they quarrel and reconcile, where they grieve and sing, love and... and all together. Together, how else to overcome the pain caused by the war, how to learn to live on?

The play "Our kitchen" tells about two women's destinies. The old kitchen represents a whole world for them. There they support each other in every way and help each other to overcome grief.
Songs of past years, authentic decorations and costumes of the characters allow you to fully convey the atmosphere of the era.
  • Production director - Hryhoriy Ziskin (Canada).
  • The roles are performed by: Anna Varpakhovska, Lyubov Solodova, Svitlana Zelbet.
  • "Our kitchen" is a tragicomedy in one act.
  • Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes.