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Why should you go to the play "Natalie"?

1. The theme of love will never cease to be interesting and exciting for the viewer.
2. Excellent actors will make everyone sympathize with the heroes of a famous work.
3. The performance will be a breath of fresh air for you.

"Theater on the Tea" invites to the play "Natalie". Statement in the genre of literary and theatrical composition will not leave anyone indifferent. Come!

The play is based on the story of the same story by Ivan Bunin. The main theme of the work is, of course, love. It attracts and connects, and sometimes - on the contrary, separates people. Love is a powerful force. But even she faces in the play with a powerful counteraction of the dark forces. Nevertheless, their triumph does not last long.

And sadness that takes possession of the heart, in some way - is false. The story that the actors tell you is sensual and sincere. In it there is no vulgarity and hypocrisy, but only pure love of young people. The performance from the first minutes immerses the viewer into the atmosphere of old estates.

On the stage there is an "antique" decoration, costumes in the style of the era, on the walls - landscapes of Russian villages. Director: Alexander Onischenko. The roles are performed by Vitaly Meshchersky, Julia Amelkina, Valeria Zadumkina, Sergei Popov. Duration: 80 minutes. Waiting for you!

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