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Natasha. The Chronicle of a Dream

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Why should you go to the play Natasha. The Chronicle of a Dream?

1. Remember your biggest dream
2. Learn what other people dream about
3. Compare two seemingly very unlike heroines

The themes of love, the pursuit of happiness, the formation of the personality, fathers and children ... So many of the eternal problems that always worry the viewer. But that the work about such issues really did not turn out to be banal, the author should try very hard. "Natasha. The Chronicle of a Dream" is a vivid interpretation, where eternal themes are played with new colors.

"Natasha. The Chronicle of a Dream" is a modern play about the universal desire to find true love. Incredibly piercing statement will not leave anyone indifferent!

The main characters are two girls who represent two completely different worlds. Such unlike two Natasha. First you might think that they can not have anything in common. But this is only at first glance. Nobody canceled an understandable and simple maiden dream of great, true and mutual love.

You are waiting for two interesting stories about the long-awaited meeting with the first love. But this meeting does not solve all problems at all, because, as in reality, there are sadness and laughter, cruelty and tenderness, youthful doubts and maximalism...

Monologues of two different, but incredibly charming girls, immerse the audience in the turbulent and exciting life of the modern rising generation.

During the rehearsal, one of the actresses pronounced the phrase: "A dream is a state when you are happy." And did you ever have a dream or, maybe, it is now? What are you ready to go for her? And do you honestly try to destroy the dreams of another?

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