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Science Quest Mission Lab Dreams

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Attention! The quest is designed for children from 5 to 11 years old!

Why is it worth going to the Scientific quest mission "Laboratory of Dreams"?

1. Discover the secret of New Year’s Lab.
2. The Secret of Slime.
3. New Year's atmosphere.

Imagine that any of your desires can become a reality! What exactly would you like? Can fly over the vent of the Martian volcano Olympus?

Or take a selfie on the far side of the moon? Or maybe you secretly dream of discovering new planets and galaxies?

Do you think that all this is just fiction and you should not waste time? But all the great discoveries were once someone's little dream. And every real scientist inside is a little dreamer.

And our special agents are no exception! Want to know what crazy ideas lurked in the head of these daredevils? Then go on an amazing journey with us, because this winter in Teleport 360 the wildest dreams come true!

We will pedal bicycles towards the northern lights, change colors with the touch of a hand, learn the secrets of levitation, tame the fire, look for treasures in the desert and once again prove that everything is possible in the world of science!

During a quest mission for young dreamers waiting for:

emergency chemical transformations
real scientific research
stunning puzzles
interesting tasks
quick check and quick wit
Incendiary dances and a large portion of good mood!

And where without the main New Year's hero on holidays? Even real special agents believe that his magical frosty breath will help realize the most cherished dreams of each participant in a scientific quest mission!

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