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Why should you go to the NaviBand concert?

1. Favorites of Eurovision-2017
2. Incredible new Belarusian album
3. Sincere emotions and light songs

Naviband, Eurovision finalists-2017 from Belarus, go to Ukraine with a new album!

Belarusian band Naviband presented its fans with the new album "One way". This is the fourth album of the band, which included 9 tracks. All songs in the album are written in Belorussian. In February 2018, a tour begins in support of the album.

Artist Lukyanenko and Kseniya Zhuk, soloists of the band, talk about the album: "Immediately after participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, we all settled on a farm 300 km from Minsk, where most of this album was written - we simply put out instruments in the middle of the field and rehearsed The recorded album was at the studio of the great master of his work, the sound engineer of the group BRUTTO and Lyapis-98 Andriy Bobrovka. "One way" is a living, natural, light and very sincere album, imbued with love to their native language, native land, music, life and, of course, to each other. "

Recall that the Navitb's duo has conquered Ukraine with a single song "The History of My Life", which was presented during the national selection of Eurovision. The jury, the hall, the audience met them with applause, gave ovations and their love. And already in May at the final of the competition this song received the maximum score from the Ukrainian jury!

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