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People, hiding from loneliness and depression, find solace in artificial intelligence, which seems endowed with human features. But is not human.

The play “Navigator” by Georgian author Lasha Bugadze is a symbol of infantilism.

The protagonist, already in adulthood, remains a boy. He did not feel love, was not a rebel, did not lead a football team. But everyone must pass the degree of growing up, even if he is already over forty.

Love the navigator, find a like-minded person in his female voice - a cry of despair or madness? Why people ceased to notice each other and what are the reasons for disunity in society - the director Tamara Trunova explores a new theater performance on the Podil.

The language of the performance is Ukrainian
Duration of the performance - 2 hours with intermission
Genre - Attempt to love
Premiere - April 29, 2020

Author - Lasha Bugadze
Stage Director, Plastic Solution - Tamara Trunova
Set Designer: Maria Pogrebnyak
Costume Designer - Svetlana Zaikina
Lighting Designer - Sergey Nevgadovsky

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