Trip around the world

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Why should you go to the circus show "Trip around the world"?

1. All numbers of the program are unique and flawless.
2. Spectators are waiting for an unforgettable adventure full of vivid impressions.
3. On the arena - titled artists, winners of international competitions.

In the Odessa State Circus - a new program "Trip around the world"! The show will impress with its entertainment and give fantastic emotions: do not miss it!

“Trip around the world” is different numbers that are not connected by a single plot. A new show is an opportunity to visit many countries without leaving the hall.

What awaits the viewer:
- Dangerous Egyptian adventures with the fearless trainer of Nile crocodiles Alexander Orlov. Four-meter reptiles, boas and pythons submit to the brave tamer;
- a trip to the land of bears with Tatyana and Valery Nechipurenko. You will be surprised to see how cumbersome bears in the arena turn into moving artists;
- an exciting and exciting encounter with a real pirate on the legendary Treasure Island. Of course, the main participants in the number will be spectacular parrots;
- charming magical numbers. Everyone will see: the magic is somewhere nearby;
- dangerous stunts of bold aerial gymnasts, virtuoso acrobats and much more.

Beautiful, perfect to perfection rooms, the best circus performers, stunning light and sound effects - all this will give powerful impressions and for a while will take you to the world of magic and grace.

See you!

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