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Forever with me

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Why should I go to the play "Forever with me"?

1. To believe that miracles happen!
2. Enjoy the wonderful play of the actors "Bravo".
3. Find out if you can change your life, just by looking at it from the side.

Life is rarely what you dream about. Especially unsweetened is a real dreamer, such as Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has long forbidden to dream of her own, knowing from her own experience how dangerous are unrealistic hopes. She immersed herself in her work, caring for her younger sister and niece. But as a child, Elizabeth was a dreamer: she wanted to bathe in the baths filled with leaf petals, dance in the sand, taste the mushroom rain, but all her dreams were broken, faced with reality.

And at the moment when the abyss was waiting for her, a mysterious stranger appeared in the house. Who is he? Maybe it is the one who can turn ordinary life into an adventure, return Elizabeth the taste of life and re-teach her to love herself and the whole world? This story is filled with magic and faith in a miracle. It's about whether you can look at your life from a different perspective and, without changing anything, change everything ...

Elizabeth - Nadezhda Ilchenko
Ivan - Sergey Kroshchenko
Olivia - Victoria Gavronskaya / Veronika Kosyanchuk

Lyrical comedy in one act.
Duration 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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