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Why should you go to the Spell your name?

1. Surprise the unpredictable finale
2. Compare the performance with the pearl of French cinema
3. Congratulations on your wonderful name

This play has already conquered millions of hearts in Europe. French comedy is a special charm, it's always about love, it is incredible, sometimes brought to the absurdity of the situation, as well as the unique atmosphere of films with Louis de Funes, Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu. Recently, there is very little comedy, where humor is "above the belt", but this performance is exactly that! A delicate, intelligent French humor and a light comedy show will really make you think about many topical and challenging topics.

Friends of the childhood gather for a dinner about the future birth of a baby from one of them. It's about the name for the baby and here the father pronounces this name, which is a common surprise. The surprise grows into something more and everything flies here - all the skeletons from the cabinets get out, all the shortcuts are broken, although these are friends of the childhood and everyone knows about each other. In general: the passion fumes are on the stage, and the laughter does not quench the audience, the actors are simply unsurpassed, and the plot ... you can not guess what things will end.

The brilliant actor ensemble will take you to Paris for several hours, into the quirky world of contemporary respectable Frenchmen. Meet actors and performers:

- Victor Garo - a teacher of French literature at the university, a member of the publishing house "Critical Vichy", the secretary general of the Society for the History of Literature - Oleg Primogenov, the actor of the "Wild Theater"; known film productions "Khrustalev, car!", "Iron hundred", "Bad good cop", "Major and magic", "Leader";

- Elizabeth Garo-Larsche, wife of Victor - French teacher at Lyceum Hector Berlioz, a film club financier and member of the parent committee; - Lesya Sameva Honored Artist of Ukraine, actress of the Kiev Academic Theater on the left bank of the Dnieper; Famous film productions: Swat, Candidate, Forbidden Love, Best Week of My Life;

- Vensan Larsche, Victor's best friend, brother of Elizabeth. Vensan - a man with a beautiful appearance and a brilliant career; - Andrei Kronlevsky, actor of the "Wild Theater", famous film productions: "The best week of my life", "Top of the ditch", "The champions of the doorway" by Claude Gatignole, the first trombone of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France. - Anatoly Somik is an actor of the Kiev Academic Young Theater, famous film productions: "Military Hospital", "Second Life", "Servant of the People", "Sashka"

- Sophie Caravata, a charming and spicy woman, a friend of Vensan, who will soon give him a baby; - Darina Legeida is an actress of the National Academic Drama Theater named after. I.Franka; Famous film productions: "Actor", "Temptation", "Singer" / Sophie Paskhovo, actress and model. Face of the Ukrainian Fashion Week autumn-winter 2017/18. Model magazines "ELLE" "VOGUE"

The play is in Russian. Duration 2 hours with intermission.

On the motives of the play "The Name" by Mathieu Delaport and Alexander de la Patelera

Director: Yulia Maslak, winner of the Kyiv Pectoral Prize

Composer: Vitali Fizer.

Artist: Olesya Golovach, the main artist of the Ivano-Frankivsk theater. I.Franka

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