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Don't ever cry for me

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The performance "Don't cry for me ever..." in Kyiv will take place at the MKC named after I. Kozlovskyi.

Why should you go to the theater to the play "Don't cry for me ever..." in Kyiv?

  1. Masterful stage adaptation of the play by Maria Mathios.
  2. A complex and always relevant issue of the production.
  3. Many important conclusions after the review.

The performance "Don't cry for me ever..." in Kyiv

We invite you to watch a one-man show based on the play of the same name by the modern Ukrainian writer Maria Matios. The authors of the idea are the director of the Kherson Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater named after M. Kulisha Serhii Pavlyuk and the artist of the National Academic Drama Theater named after I. Franka Larisa Kadyrova. As part of the production group:
  • production director, production designer, music design - Honored Artist of Ukraine Serhii Pavlyuk;
  • sound engineer Ihor Skorokhod;
  • light artist Viktor Gamov;
  • assistant director Maryna Evenko, Svitlana Izdebska.
The performer is People's Artist of Ukraine Larisa Kadyrova.

A sincere confession and wise instructions in a performance on the Chamber Stage named after I. Kozlovskyi

The bearer of the main image of the one-man play "Don't cry for me ever..." is grandmother Yustyna, a widow who, ready to meet her last day, teaches her own children and the audience in the hall how to perceive life and the end of the earthly journey. For Justina, death is just a continuation and something before which everyone is equal: both rich and poor. And the greatest wisdom of the heroine is actually contained in one simple remark: "as in a person's life, so will be his death." The duration of the performance is 70 minutes. Boarding in the hall is free. Please note: the auditorium and the stage form a single space. Therefore, after the 3rd call, entry will be impossible. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Don't cry for me ever..." in Kyiv?

It is very convenient to order tickets online. To do this, use the Concert.ua service.